What’s to come…

Due to circumstances we are out of a dedicated bass player, which will certainly not stop Cor, Dick and myself from making music though…We are currently working hard on an album ‘Times of Trouble’, that we will release – not sure if we’ll manage it this year but we are really making progress!As soon as the new album is finished we intend to remix all of the current available tracks and combine those with some other ‘loose’ tracks on an album ‘Impressions’ … This was already the plan but got delayed..So – a lot of things to come – albeit not live shortly.. We will keep you posted on the album ETA! 😄 CheersHans – Whitecave

Head Down – out now!

Shortly after we released the Quest – the 3d part of Lonely Traveller, we now released our shortest track so far –

Head Down!!

Listen to it through Reverbnation and Facebook – It will aslo be live on Spotify and iTunes in a matter of days….

the Quest – Lonely Traveller part 3

We’re excited to have just released ‘the Quest – Lonely Traveller part 3’ that concludes the Lonely Traveller suite. It can be found in lower quality on Facebook/Reverbnation and will be available in high quality on Spotify and iTunes…

Album ‘Impressions’

All our singles will be compiled on the forthcoming album Impressions that will be available on Spotify, iTunes etc… and who knows.. there might be a bonus track!..